Performance Foams

From our inception in the 1960’s NCFI has been focused on high quality flexible foam product production, but the overall performance and variety of end user application has been paramount as well. At our world class production facility today, we pour over 100 servicing markets from aviation, bedding furniture, athletics, medical, air and water filtration, high occupancy transportation, automotive and more. Our pride in foam functionality and quality has allowed us to be considered the go to innovation partner in the industry.

Our VX family of memory foams have roots back to the early development of memory foam in the 1960s. As the product category has continued to evolve, our research and development team has been steadfast in their belief that performance is vital for this product category. Currently, millions of consumers and manufacturers believe our VX memory foam products are the standard in response, recovery, and TG. Our team can provide these products in a variety of densities, from #2-#4 and a variety infusions from gel to minerals.

DAX Foam is another shining example of our commitment to performance products in widely visible vertical markets. The premier choice, for highly flame resistant products in the transportation market for high occupancy vehicles and aviation for example. Currently DAX Foam products can be found in seat cushions, seat backs, head rests, head liners and more! DAX Foam passes CAL 117, MVSS-302 and a variety of other FAA and UL flammability tests. We produce this product currently in a #2.5-#5.0 with ILD’s up to 100.

With our eye continually looking to evolve and innovate in direct to consumer, and consumer focused markets, our team has been compiling customer data, and feedback to develop and launch the CoolRest family of high performance bedding foams. This collection focuses on overall consumer experience in three vital areas—support, breathability and pressure relief. CoolRest HYBRID, is a memory foam and HR foam product providing superior pressure relief without that sinking feeling, produced in a #2.5 density—soft and firm. CoolRest BREEZE, is a high airflow product providing maximized cooling properties in a super soft comfort layer, currently produced in a #3 density. CoolRest BOUNCE, is a latex like foam providing the supportive and confirming, nearly floating like sensation that consumers love. Currently produced in a #3.5 density, medium feel.

ECO-LUX products have been a culmination of decades of development work by our world class team to focus on true sustainability efforts. Many people discuss sustainability, and those initiatives – but NCFI leads from the front. The greatest example of that is our products certified by the USDA under the Bio-Preferred program. We focused on this program given the robust nature and high requirements of natural content for participation in the program. We are pleased to have three products certified with the program, a #4 density memory foam, a #1.8 density 30 ILD conventional foam, and a finished mattress.

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