Memory Foam & Bedding

Across all of our channels, NCFI has been at the forefront of product innovation—and commercial successes for decades, and memory foam is no different. In the early 1960’s NCFI and founder Ace Bradley collaborated with North Carolina based, Dynamic Systems to develop and commercialize a slow recovery foam to provide pressure relief in seats on early space shuttles. NCFI sold that formula to Dynamic Systems in 1968, where it was further developed for NASA. That formulation and early development was the starting point of the modern memory foam formula.

Fast forward to 2006, NCFI was consulted to outline the early product development activities of e-commerce pioneer, BedInABox®. Proudly NCFI designed the early lineup and supplied the first all foam cores and mattresses sold online!

Through strategic planning, NCFI has become a force in the mattress fulfillment arena. In 2016 our flag ship mattress production facility opened on our campus in Mount Airy, NC. Quickly expanding our capacity for thousands of weekly pieces, we acquired the BedInABox® brand in the summer of 2018. Proudly carrying on the brand and it’s legacy today, we manage all production, marketing and customer service activities at our corporate campus in Mount Airy, NC.

Our most recent addition was the acquisition of Sleepmade™ of Columbus, MS in the summer of 2021. This increase in capacity, and footprint signaled to our customer base our continued commitment to world class service and product.

Today across over 300,000 sq feet of dedicated mattress manufacturing space we operate our BedInABox®, SleepDog®, and Sleepmade™ brands. On top of our own e-commerce activities we are able to design, and fulfill all of our customers needs for traditional retail and e-commerce sales. Throughout the design process we offer our partners, our whole portfolio of performance foams at both facilities. Our performance foam portfolio includes our VX family of mineral or gel infused memory foams, high airflow CoolRest technology, or our high density PUL latex alternatives.